My Credit or Debit Card is being declined. Why is this happening?

Payments may be declined for the following reasons:

1. An incorrect Billing Zip was entered

2. An incorrect Expiration Date was entered

3. Insufficient Funds

How do I select the offers that I want?

  1. 20 Offers for $20 Format: After scrolling down to review all 20 Smart Bargain offers, simply tap/click "Select all 20 Smart Bargains" located at the top of the page, and head directly to Secure Checkout!
  2. Individual Offers Format: Simply tap on the offer you'd like to select.

How do I Access, View and Redeem my Smart Bargains?
Accessing/Viewing/Redeeming your Smart Bargains is super easy. All you need to do is pull up your Smart Bargains email receipt and click "Redeem Smart Bargains". Then, just choose the Smart Bargain that you'd like to take advantage of, click "Redeem Smart Bargain" at point of purchase, and follow the prompt to "Show to Staff". Thats it!

*To quickly and conveniently locate your Smart Bargains receipt, we recommend one of the following suggestions:

1. Save your Smart Bargains email receipt to a folder where you know you will always be able to find it.

2. Label your Smart Bargains email receipt as a favorite.

3. Add the Smart Bargains link to your home screen. (This process will differ depending on the particular smart phone model that you have.) Generally, it is just a matter of pulling up your Smart Bargains email receipt, clicking "Redeem Offers", and then selecting the "add to my home screen" function located at the bottom of your screen.

What if I accidentally delete my e-mail receipt?
No problem! Simply visit our "Re-send Receipt" form, enter your email address, and we'll send you a copy of receipts from your previous order(s).

What percentage of my purchase goes toward the organization that I chose to support?
A minimum of 50% of your purchase goes directly to the chosen organization. (There will be occasions/circumstances that will allow us to contribute an even higher percentage to the chosen organization!)

If your question or issue has not been addressed above, please feel free to e-mail us at