Our Mission

Our Mission is threefold:

  1. COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS - To assist community organizations in generating revenue so that they may grow in a positive way within the community.
  2. COMMUNITY BUSINESSES - To offer community businesses a "Zero-Out-Of-Pocket" tool to effectively market directly to consumers within their community.
  3. COMMUNITY CONSUMERS - To offer consumers a desirable, money saving product that also helps community organizations AND businesses to thrive.

The My Community Smart Bargains Program

The My Community Smart Bargains Pack is a collection of valuable "Smart Bargain" offers from businesses within your community. The Smart Bargains Pack is specifically designed to be purchased AND redeemed on any smart phone or mobile friendly device for your convenience. Simple to view. Simple to purchase. Simple to redeem. Consumers save, Organizations earn and Businesses thrive!

A MINIMUM of 50% of all Smart Bargains sales go to help participating organizations within your community. Contact Mike Mattingly at 314-941-3941 to find out how your organization can earn an even higher percentage of gross sales. Save Money, Help Others!

Organizational Leaders - What You Need To Know

Business Owners - What You Need To Know

Consumers - What You Need To Know